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Just Say No October 18, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, rants, soapbox.

Things I Won’t Do:

  • Park right in front of the store, even if I’m just going to be a minute.
  • Write a blog post about blogging
  • Mix beer and wine, ever.
  • Knowingly eat guacamole
  • Watch a Bette Middler movie
  • Wear a tie when I don’t really have to
  • Drink shots
  • Write a blog post when I’m supposed to be working
  • Accept that sushi is more than just raw fish
  • Wear sweat pants out of the house to a non exercise-based event
  • Value fashion over comfort
  • Wash that gray right out of my hair
  • Get any more cats
  • Have shrubbery in my yard that is shaped like anything other than shrubbery


1. Dave - October 19, 2006

I’m with you on at least nine of those.

2. Mark (Dave's co-worker) - October 20, 2006

Not wearing sweat pants and not valuing fashion over comfort are contradictory items. Unless you have some scrubs. Then you’re all good.

You shouldn’t park right in front of an ATM when doing so would block traffic either.

Oh, and guacamole rules. I like to do shots of guacamole in between having a beer and having a glass of wine.

3. Andy - October 20, 2006

I never said I wouldn’t contradict myself. 😉

4. Dave - November 16, 2006

Not pumping gas, then spending an additional 10 minutes in the gas station while people are lined up to refuel would also be akin to your #1 up there, I believe. I hate that.

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