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Annoying, Now October 6, 2006

Posted by Andy in Grammar, improvement, soapbox.

Warning: Don’t Read This Post. I’m serious. It will make your life less enjoyable.

Years ago, I was enjoying a meal back in the college dining hall, when my friend pointed out that the register emitted a beep each time an ID card was swiped through it to pay for a meal. I’d never noticed this before, but once I was aware of it, I could no longer not-hear it, and it annoyed me for the rest of my meals in the dining hall.

If only there was some way for super selective amnesia to be induced, things like this would not have to be the thorns in the paw of our life experience.

Here are some other things that I wish I could un-know:

  • Grape gum tastes like raisins (thanks, Dave)
  • Stewart’s Orange n’ Cream soda tastes like baby aspirin (thanks, Gretch)
  • “try and…” is not right. Should be “try to…” (thanks, Shelley)

Ignorance really is bliss, I suppose. At the risk of becoming less blissful, I’ll ask if anyone else has something that was pointed out to them that now annoys them.  Let’s try and to make a nice list.



1. Mark (Dave's co-worker) - October 9, 2006

On a teenaged tour of a Lifesaver plant, I learned that “white” Lifesaver candies (wint-o-green, peppermint, etc.) are made first. When the fumes from these are starting to dissolve the machinery grease, they start making the dark colored candies (cherry). The combination of the “slick” candy and the dark color makes them less likely to be stained by dripping grease.

This is probably not true anymore, but if you ever see me eat a yellow Lifesaver, and then offer you the red one…you now know why.

2. Mark (Dave's former cow-orker) - October 9, 2006

“Try and” is just more optimistic.

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