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Is Microsoft Copying Me? September 14, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, Microsoft, soapbox.

You know you’ve arrived when Microsoft rips you off.  Just ask any diehard Apple supporter.  Or notice how many of the “new” features in IE7 are familiar to Firefox users.

After 10 years and nearly 1000 hits, Microsoft seems to have noticed Andy’s SoapBox.  It seems Bill Gates and crew will be coming out with a soapbox of their own.  Sure, mine is a blog and theirs is a YouTube clone, but it would be an amazing coincidence for them to use “soapbox”.  It does not even make sense since a soapbox historically was something on which one would stand when speaking to a group of people.  Sounds like a blog to me much more than a video sharing service.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but could this be some form of retribution for me cancelling my xbox live subscription (got tired of having 10 year olds consistently killing me)?

Don’t get me wrong. Though I know it is cool to hate Microsoft, I actually don’t. Clippy aside, I think they make decent stuff.  I’m just a bit rankled that they are moving in on my turf.  I’m watching you, Bill!



1. outsourcingphilippines - September 15, 2006

Send em one those funny letters to abandon using that domain! Immediately!

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