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Andy Roth’s Ukulele Museum August 4, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, Google, soapbox, ukulele.

OK, I admit it, I was googling myself.  When I googled “andyroth” I found this picture entitled “AndyRoth’sUkuleleMuseum.jpg”:

Could this be some long lost cousin?  Or perhaps there was there some sort of temporal anomaly, and I was granted a glimpse of my future?  If so, I need to start acquiring some ukuleles ASAP.  And I also need to get me that shirt.

Maybe it is just a bad idea to google yourself.  I know there is an evil anti-Andy that I see when googling “Andy Roth” who is involved with something called “The Club For Growth”.  There is a custom programmer living at andyroth.com.  There is an Andy Roth at WGR 550 who has the enviable nickname of “The Monkey”.

I could have been “The Monkey”

As it is, the real Andy Roth (aka ME) is only 8th in the results.  Of all the Andy Roth’s, I guess I’m not the Andy Rothiest.  Alas.  I will go seek comfort in my ukuleles.



1. Sally - September 1, 2006

You are def. *not* the Andy Rothiest-my favorite is the evil Andy. You clearly have some work to do…

2. Attack of the Clones « Virtual Shenanigans - January 24, 2007

[…] to believe I am. Part of the proof of that is the fact that I stole this idea from someone else Andy’s Soapbox), and the other evidence is in the Google search for my name: Steven Stewart Now, admittedly, mine […]

3. Andy Roth - December 5, 2007

I actually think that I am the most “andyrothiest” since it’s my picture that appears on your blog. And yes, you had better start acquiring ukuleles as fast as you can if you want to show up near the top of the Google search.

4. Andy - December 5, 2007

Hi Andy –
Good to hear from you. Where can I get me that shirt?

andy roth - October 18, 2011

I wish I knew where to get another ukulele shirt like the one I wore in the picture. Unfortunately, on Kauai one trip, I let banana stalk juice drip on me and now it’s got all these terrible brown stains.

5. Peter Forrest - December 19, 2010

Hi Andy can you help me,ive just picked up a Uke at a junk shop it was outside covered in snow bought it for 5 pounds,now ive on spoted one on images like it and it says its over 100 years old and rare.I havent the ability to send a photo unles on a phone but its got little triangles of pearl round the sound hole,dark wood at the back and light wood nicely grained and what differant than all others a peice of wood that i presume is a scratch plate across top third of body,which at first i thought was somebody trying to fix a hole but no it is how its made.i have cleaned it an filled some cracks at the back but havent put new strings on yet,it appears that is as had new tuners cause they are plastic.At first because it does look ornate i thought it was a little spanish childs guitar from spain but it is a Uke,and i do believe it may be 100 years old.can you give me any more info,thanks best wishes for the season,peter forrest UK

andy roth - October 18, 2011

So send me a phone photo to andyroth@comcast.net and I’ll do what I can to tell you. I’ve seen some ukes that resembles what you’ve described.

6. Rick Schonely - February 10, 2013

I have a ukulele with Eddie Peabody”s signature. It is an old Mossman ukulele from the 20’s maybe. Email me at ricks@wave.hicv.net

Aloha, Rick

7. phil schanuel - December 21, 2013

I hope this finds it’s way to Andy. I have a 1916-1918 Martin-Ditson ukulele that has been in my family since new. My great-grand father bought it for my grandmother. It’s in truly amazing condition and a beautiful instrument. It has the original case, also in very good condition. It was appraised by Elderly Instruments in 2011 for between $4500 and $5000. Martin built ukuleles for Oliver Ditson until 1926. Mini drednaught. This was their higher end uke with beautiful binding and inlay around sound hole. No fret markers, but inlay down the middle of the neck from the nut to the body. I would sell it to a serious collector or museum.

8. John Helekunihi Duke - April 24, 2014

Recently received a Kinney Mossman soprano ukelele. It was made sometime between 1914 and 1918 before Kinney and Mossman broke up in to two different companies. That’s about all I know about it. Appreciate would else you could tell me about it.

9. Andy - June 19, 2014

Andy – I just bought a tenor Uke, so I am on my way to having my own Andy Roth’s Ukelele Museum. I have yet to find that shirt though.

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