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Get Out Of My Lap! August 1, 2006

Posted by Andy in Air Travel, andy roth, soapbox.

From 4-May-00 

This is an open post to anyone who has ever or will ever sit in front of me in a plane. I am six feet three inches tall, and have what could be considered to be long legs. I can’t help this. When I fly coach, these legs of mine often just barely fit into the space provided for them. I consider myself lucky if there is more than a couple of inches between my knees and the back of your seat.

Is this your problem? No, as long as you are not an evil recliner. More times than I care to remember, I’ve had such an evil person encroach into my space and slam their seat backs into my knees. No apology is offered, and more importantly, they leave their seat backs pressed against my legs until the flight attendant tells them to return to the full upright position for landing. I can think of several other positions I would like to tell to get into instead!

Now, who’s to say if that space truly belongs to me or to the inconsiderate person in front of me? I’m to say, and it belongs to me! I have no choice about where my legs are, but you do have a choice about being evil.

So, if you ever sit in front of me, don’t recline your seat. If you do, who knows, maybe I will “accidentally” bump into you right as you are drinking your coffee. Oops, was that painful? That coffee in your lap sure looks hot. It’s not as hot as where you’ll be going though, and I don’t mean Tampa either.



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