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Buzz Word Overkill July 21, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, buzzwords, soapbox.

Today at work, I had to update a slide containing the following (and I am not making this up):

Review current plans and methodologies to help refine vision on ways process can be improved

If you made it this far in the entry without your brain exploding, consider yourself lucky.  For fun, lets try to figure out what this means.

“Review current plans and methodologies” – I’m with you so far – “to help refine vision” – OK, there must be some vision refinement plans out there that we need to review – “on ways process can be improved” – um, so we have to improve our process (obviously) and somewhere, someone has a vision on how to do this, but this vision needs some refinement, and we have plans (and methodologies) on how refine it – it being the vision, or is it the process?, or maybe it is the BLAM!

(we’re sorry to inform you that Andy’s brain has just exploded)



1. Sue - September 17, 2006

This often happens if you get your mission confused with your vision. Not even realigning (or, for that matter, refining) your paradigms will help you then.
Hope your head’s OK now….

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