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I’m a Dum-Dum July 16, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, dummies, soapbox.

17 September 2004

Recently, when reading a book to my son for the hundreth time, I realized I’d been making the same mistake each time I’d read it (I misread “white” instead of “whistle”). This realization led me to proclaim, “I’m a dum-dum!” Thinking this was a good thing, my son responded “I’m a dum-dum!” This led to an argument over who was the bigger dum-dum. Since my son was not interested in my supporting arguments, I’ll share them instead with you.

Dumb Things I’ve Done

  • Until I was about 25, I thought the word “might” was “minght” As in, “I minght be a dum dum”
  • Thought “whimsical” was “whismical” (I was full of whismic)
  • While swimming underwater, decided to find out what water smelled like
  • Investigated a dripping sound in the ceiling by standing directly below it and removing the ceiling tile.
  • Having seen a commercial where a guy removed a scratch from a counter top by sanding it out, decided to use this same method to remove a scratch from my sunglasses.
  • Bought a case of Frankenberry cereal
  • After getting out of the shower, I unknowingly put liquid hand soap in my hair instead of hair gel. I figured I must have just done a poor job rinsing out the shampoo, so went back into the shower to rinse my hair. I then proceeded to mistakenly put liquid hand soap in my hair again.
  • Got into an argument with a 2 year old about who was a dum-dum


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