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SoapBox For Dummies July 11, 2006

Posted by Andy in andy roth, dummies, soapbox.

(from ~1996) 

Maybe I just wanted to write an installment about something that is oh-so trendy in today’s computer world. The whole idea of “things” for dummies has gotten out of hand. It all started with “DOS for Dummies”. This made sense. Even though DOS is not rocket science, it is certainly complicated enough that a well written manual will sell a few copies. I wonder if they have “Rocket Science For Dummies” ? But I digress (“Digression For Dummies and Let Me Tell You About My Vacation”) Here are some other “For Dummies” books I’d like to see:

  • Condescension for Dummies, Like You!
  • Speling Four Dumbies
  • Ventriloquism For Dummies (get it?)
  • College For Dummies (aka Pitt)
  • Italics For Dummies
  • Repetition For Dummies
  • Repetition For Dummies (you saw that coming, didn’t you?)
  • Unfinished Titles For
  • AFD (Acronyms For Dummies)
  • SpacingForDum mies
  • Politics For Dummies (or is that redundant?)


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