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Old Words July 11, 2006

Posted by Andy in soapbox.

(from ~1996) 

As I sit here this morning, watching the new millennia approach, I am thinking about language. I’ve noticed that there are quite a few words that were used a good bit more at early points in the century, but now, not so much. For example: trousers. When was the last time you heard someone use that word? “I’ve got to run down to the mall and shop for new trousers.” That word never made much sense anyway, because it seems like it should mean “some thing that trouses” If you know what that means, you certainly have me at a disadvantage. Here are some others:

Sycamore – In the mid part of the century, it seemed like a lot of folks were singing songs about sycamore trees. In my research, (which consisted of listening to the radio on the way into work) I have discovered that no one sings about that particular tree anymore. Why is that? Is there less sycamore trees now than there was then?

Courting – People used to court all the time. If people courted long enough they would wind up going steady. I’ve yet to figure out what a court has to do with dating, but then maybe that’s my problem.



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